80th Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) Annual Conference 

April 13-16, 2023 (Chicago, IL, USA)

In my first-ever academic conference in the graduate school, I enjoyed presenting our ongoing work on semiconductor supply chains. 

Panel Details:

Cyberspace, International Conflict, and International Security

Thu, April 13, 3:00 to 4:30pm CDT (3:00 to 4:30pm GMT-0500), Palmer House, Floor: 7th, Sandburg 2

Paper Abstract in the Carousel

4th National Security Crisis Simulation, O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IU

April 11, 2023 (Bloomington, IN, USA)

Venue: The Executive Conference Room, PV-A225, O'Neill School. 

Theme: Non-State Actors and Biohazards.

IU students worked through two rounds of crisis to defuse an international crisis connected to a compromised biological research lab in a South Asian country and non-state actor mayhem (or retaliation?) in the Middle East. Students playing the roles of President and National Security Advisor presided over the Situation Room; the Washington DC Diplomatic Corps commandeered the entire west side of the Conference Room and half the globe.

I played the part of Ambassador of India to Washington DC to think over policy responses from New Delhi in the given scenario.

Photo Courtesy: O'Niall School of Public & Environmental Affairs, IU (I'm standing left-most)

India-Japan Young Scholars Forum (YSF) Conference 2022

 March 11, 2022 (New Delhi, India)

I participated in the India-Japan Young Scholars Forum (YSF) Conference 2022 organized by Delhi Policy Group, The Japan Foundation and Research Institute for Indo-Pacific Affairs (RIIPA) Japan. I talked about trade frictions in the Indo-Pacific, their implications on regional geopolitics and how India and Japan are responding to them.

It was a great experience to know the perspective of Japanese friends. Looking forward to more such panels. Event details can be found here.

Link for my talking points.

Photo Credits: Delhi Policy Group

Asia Strategy and Foresight Labs: India National Labs

November 29-30, 2021 (New Delhi, India)

It was a great experience to be a part of this two-day laboratory workshop by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy on 'Navigating the New Geopolitics of Asia and Global Order of Tomorrow'.

The workshop was conducted under a brilliant design methodology on Polak Games and Three Horizon Theory to brainstorm about India's strategic choices in various geopolitical scenarios in the future.

I was privileged to be one of the youngest delegates in an esteemed cohort of 40+ experts, diplomats, military veterans, strategists and other civil society professionals.

Findings of the workshop are here.

Photo Credits: FES

Strategic Gaming Exercise at Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Service (SSIFS)

March 02, 2021 (New Delhi, India)

As a part of Delhi Policy Group, I assisted Brig. Arun Sahgal in conducting Strategic Gaming Exercise on India's Regional Threat Assessment at Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Service (SSIFS) for the 2020 Batch of IFS Officer Trainees.