Academic Projects (ongoing)

Salami Slicing, Territorial Dispute and Sino-Indian Relations

February 2023 - onwards

When are salami slicing operations preferable for aggressor to grab disputed territories? When do security-seeking states seek military action in response to a salami slicing operation? What force development should security-seeking states undergo to deter an expansionist power from conducting salami slicing operations? I am interested in answering these questions using formal models and use it to derive insights for Sino-Indian territorial dispute.

Strategic Leverages in Global Chip Supply Chains

October 2022 - onwards (multiple collaborations)

What explains the attempts by the leading chipmaking states towards vertical integration of the supply chain despite the ultra-globalized nature of the chip industry? How is the global supply chain affecting their strategic interests? What strategies can state deploy to optimize their position in global chip supply chain? I am using network analysis to seek answers to these questions.

Research Output:

Passion Projects

Indian Foreign Policy Metrics (InForMetrics)

Can Indian Foreign Policy Be Measured? My free-to-read blog explores this question by providing insights on topics related to Indian Foreign Policy using data science and statistical methods. It strives to be a platform where all International Relations enthusiasts, laypersons or specialists, observe India’s Foreign Policy through data.

My mission is to communicate statistical analyses on Indian Foreign Policy even to those readers who are not trained in sciences.

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Past Projects

On Military Technology Races: Insights from Richardson's Model of Arms Races

January - April 2020

This was my Thesis for MA in International Relations for South Asian University. In this project, I applied the Lewis Fry Richardson's action-reaction framework of arms race on military technological competition by approaching it as a special form of qualitative arms race. I tested three hypothesis - two on superpower dyads and one for regional dyads - on two cases: US-USSR Space Race, and missile race between India and Pakistan. You can read the full text here

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