Academic Projects (ongoing)

A Formal Model of Salami Slicing in Territorial Disputes

February 2023 - onwards

When are salami slicing operations preferable for aggressor to grab disputed territories? When do security-seeking states seek military action in response to a salami slicing operation? What force development should security-seeking states undergo to deter an expansionist power from conducting salami slicing operations? I am interested in answering these questions using formal models.

Strategic Leverages in Global Chip Supply Chains

October 2022 - onwards (multiple collaborations)

What explains the attempts by the leading chipmaking states towards vertical integration of the supply chain despite the ultra-globalized nature of the chip industry? How is the global supply chain affecting their strategic interests? What strategies can state deploy to optimize their position in global chip supply chain? I am using network analysis to seek answers to these questions.


Popular Projects (ongoing)

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Past Projects

On Military Technology Races: Insights from Richardson's Model of Arms Races

January - April 2020

This was my Thesis for MA in International Relations for South Asian University. In this project, I applied the Lewis Fry Richardson's action-reaction framework of arms race on military technological competition by approaching it as a special form of qualitative arms race. I tested three hypothesis - two on superpower dyads and one for regional dyads - on two cases: US-USSR Space Race, and missile race between India and Pakistan. You can read the full text here

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